About us

Professional, Quality Conscience & Personal Service

Words to describe only the best of companies.

We at Mezalick Design Studio, LLC are proud to be listed among the elite studios

in all aspects of stained glass work.

Whether it’s Historic Restoration or design and fabrication of new work,

we stand behind our work with years of on hands experience

and a desire to give each client more than what was expected.

Our clients could have gone anywhere, but they chose us.


Stained glass as we know it today began its life within the sacred walls of Medieval Cathedrals.

Our avocation is to help continue the beauty and spiritual environments created by this wondrous and colorful product called stained glass.

From design development to installation, your new stained glass window project will be handled with the greatest level of artist ability and thoughtful consideration.

Stained Glass Repair and Historic Stained Glass Restoration are our other specialties.

From total stained glass rejuvenation to the common practice of cleaning, our stained glass craftsmen are well equipped to successfully handle any job.

Our client list includes many notable organizations across the country as well as across the seas.

Serving the religious community for over 45 years, our knowledge in the stained glass field is among the highest within our industry.

Notable projects include the replication of 5th Century stained glass windows from Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

and numerous restoration projects of the fabulous stained glass windows from the Tiffany Studios of New York.

Mezalick Design Studio, LLC is an Accredited Member of the Stained Glass Association of America.


Custom Stained Glass

Designing and Fabrication of stained glass window to fit the needs of the client



Preserving the past for future generations



Custom woodwork to fit the needs of the client



Keeping alive the ancient art of mosaics